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Firehouse will be hosting a Blood Drive on Sat. Aug. 3rd.  Hours will be 8:00am until 1:00pm. See Community Events to signup.(Members: Click here for more info.)

The Voorheesville Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) is a municipally-created and funded unit that provides fire protection for the Village of Voorheesville, NY as defined by its geographic boundaries.  The Department responds to all emergency situations within these Village limits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Dispatched by the Albany County Communications Center in response to a 911 call, the Department usually acknowledges a call in less than a minute of being notified, and will normally be on the scene within 7 minutes of that response.

Besides responding to fire or smoke-related emergencies, the VFD aids the community by answering calls related to downed trees or wires that are blocking its streets and roads, automobile accidents, hazardous material spills and by providing emergency pumpouts during periods of heavy rain or flooding.  We also perform checks for natural gas leaks or carbon monoxide exposure in resident's homes when requested via a 911 call.  We have even handled the proverbial "cat up a tree" call.

In addition to responding to Village calls, the Department also provides mutual aid support to the departments surrounding the Village.  We respond when called to provide active or stand-by support to the following nearby companies, who reciprocate as needed:

  • New Salem Fire Department
  • Onesquethaw Fire Department
  • Guilderland Center Fire Department
  • Slingerlands Fire Department

  • to name a few.

Besides training for emergencies and responding to calls, the Department's members also work very hard at other activities.  Each year, we expend many man-hours working for various causes that benefit the firehouse, local groups, churches, students and the Community in general.  Much of this time is spent raising funds through activities such as our several car washes during the warmer months of the year, Brooks Barbecues, our December Breakfast with Santa and our Harvest Dance each October - all to raise funds that in turn are donated back to the Community.  We also host semi-annual Blood Drives, participate in the national Fire Prevention Week program by hosting firehouse tours for the kids in the Voorheesville elementary school and organisze a poster contest to promote fire safety for students in grades K-5.   These are not your typical "emergencies" but are certainly worthwhile.

We're not just your local firehouse - we are a full service community organization providing assistance to village residents as well as aiding other communities' departments when they have need of additional manpower or equipment.