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Firehouse will be hosting a Blood Drive on Sat. Aug. 3rd.  Hours will be 8:00am until 1:00pm. See Community Events to signup.(Members: Click here for more info.)

Raising Funds and Supporting Our Community

Throughout the course of a year, the members of the Voorheesville Fire Department spend a great deal of time organizing and participating in events which help us to raise funds. Many times we are asked what these funds are used for. While we are a municipal fire house with our operating budget wholly provided by the Village and hence the residents, we raise funds to help us to support other organizations and individuals who have ties to the Village or have needs that they cannot meet on their own.

Brooks BBQ
We hold a number of chicken barbecues at the firehouse year-around, brought to you by the efforts of the widely-known Brooks House of Barbecue from Oneonta. If you've not enjoyed a meal prepared by them, you're missing some of the best chicken or ribs you can eat. With Brooks at the grill, we serve a takeout meal in "drive-thru" fashion to raise funds for a number of causes.

Breakfast with Santa
Not only a tradition, this Sunday morning meal, prepared by the members of the Department, is a fun occasion that helps to raise funds as well.

Spaghetti Dinner
Another fun meal, served family-style in our meeting room area during the annual Open House event culminates a busy day at the Firehouse and provides another opportunity to get to know the firehouse as well as support our fundraising efforts in a very economical way.

Calendar Drive
The production of our calendar is a major effort that involves gathering advertisers to purchase the ads you see on our publication, as well as the preparation of the calendars for distribution and ultimately, the mass effort on Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend to deliver one to each family residing within the Village of Voorheesville. Fees charged to the local businesses for their ads as well as the donations received from villages provide the bulk of the funds we raise each year.

Troop Drive
While not exactly a fund-raiser, we at the VFD support our men and women in the military who are stationed in our active conflict areas by hosting two "Troop Drives" each year. Concerned residents are invited to donate products that can be useful to soldiers overseas who don't have access to some of the simple things we take for granted at home. Things such as paperback books, notepads and pencils, toiletries, etc. are collected during these one-day events and are then packed up by firehouse members and shipped overseas to designated units with whom we have a connection. The donated items along with our own donation of time and money to package and ship them are always very much appreciated as we have received many grateful acknowledgements from entire units weeks later.