Welcome to the    Voorheesville Volunteer Fire Department   Est. 1902
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Firehouse will be hosting a Blood Drive on Sat. Aug. 3rd.  Hours will be 8:00am until 1:00pm. See Community Events to signup.(Members: Click here for more info.)

Current Members of the VFD

* indicates 25 Year members

Member NameMember SinceMember NameMember Since
* Richard Berger11-04-69* Rich Blackman10-03-72
   Kevin Brunick02-02-21* Jim Burns03-01-88
   Michael Cascone01-03-23   Thomas Cascone10-02-01
   Mark Casolo06-06-06   Matt Childs06-07-16
   Vincent Commisso01-04-22   James Cramer01-06-15
* Joseph Dedrick06-04-68* Buddy Deschenes06-15-80
* Darrell Duncan01-02-79   Nick Duncan08-07-12
   Paul Duncan03-04-14   Dave Gannon10-03-00
   Luke Gillenwalters02-06-18* James Giner12-02-97
   Tim Gyurovits09-04-12* Stan Hadeka11-05-96
* Glenn Halpin11-01-83* John Hensel11-06-84
   Mike Herzog08-01-00* Brett Hotaling12-06-88
* Don Houck04-05-88* Harvey Huth07-06-76
* Augie Jones Jr.07-06-93   Jason Kendall11-02-20
   Matthew Malark07-07-15* Michael Martin09-01-92
   Nicole McKasty-Stagg01-08-19   Brendan McMahon04-05-16
   Shawn Morin01-01-16   Anthony Papa09-01-20
   Daniel Papa01-02-07* Ernie Papa05-07-83
* Frank Papa04-04-94* Frank Pierro02-03-81
   Bill Reddy08-01-00* Steve Rothwein05-06-97
   Ernest Sacco Jr.04-02-02* Matt Schultz09-07-93
* Will Smith07-06-76   Jason Smitkin01-04-22
* Bill Stone05-05-82* Clark Thomas01-06-76
   Randy Thomas06-04-02   Carl Treiber03-04-08
* Mike Wiesmaier03-06-73

Total no. of members: 49