Welcome to the    Voorheesville Volunteer Fire Department   Est. 1902
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Firehouse will be hosting a Blood Drive on Sat. Aug. 3rd.  Hours will be 8:00am until 1:00pm. See Community Events to signup.(Members: Click here for more info.)

Current Members of the VFD Auxiliary

* indicates 25 Year members

 Member NameMember Since
President* Karen Duncan11-01-88
Vice-President* Colleen Schultz11-01-98
Secretary* Erika Smitken
Treasurer* Diane Deschenes10-01-98
Chaplain  Trisha Gannon02-01-01
The Members
  Liz Beaumont03-01-15
* Helen Cantlin10-01-60
  Tammy Duncan04-02-14
  Jordan Glover11-01-14
  Tanya Hensel01-03-07
  Renee Herzog11-01-12
  Donna Kraft02-01-00
  Sarah Lindner01-01-15
  Martha Mackey01-01-15
  Rebecca Malark06-01-16
  Denise Schultz01-01-15
* Barbara Stone09-01-82

Total Officers & Members: 17